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— CONTINUED… #15 All that was out of the question now. He had barely a penny to call his own now. The cigar he was puffing on might be his last. #16 He tried not think so hard it just pissed him off. He downed his scotch, leaned back in his chair and looked around […]

REVIEW: Cool Looking Noir Film

LA SERIE NEGRA DE ANDRÉS BELTRÁN trailer ‎”El amor, la locura y el crimen nunca explotan muy lejos la una de la otra.” “Andres Beltran’s Black Series” is a short neo-noir film about casual encounters, passion and crime.

REVIEW: Imperfect: Impressive New Indie Neo-Noir

Imperfect: Impressive New Indie Neo-Noir BY  TONY D’AMBRA  – MAY 17, 2012POSTED IN: FILMS, LOBBY, VIDEOS Michael Tucker of has written and directed a new film noir titled Imperfect, which is available for free viewing on YouTube.  A sort of  sci-fi neo-noir, complete with a dishy femme-fatale makes great use of voice-over and flashback. An intriguing script has been developed into a compelling murder-mystery.  Elegant […]


LAST WEEKS EARL JONES CHRONICLE ON TWITTER! #1 His head hurt, his body hurt and his heart hurt. He had awoken hoping the previous nights events had been a dream… #2 He hadn’t felt this bad In years! Falling off the wagon now seemed to hurt worse then ever, even of it was becoming routine. […]