Film Noir

The Genre That Never Sleeps…

By Reyshan Parker

      What’s yet to come?

The future of noir films has yet to be written, but one thing is for sure, as long as there is greed, corruption, enticing women, crime and a desire to make strong character driven films on a low budget, the genre is destined to continue and evolve.

[1]“The classic noir has been pronounced dead so often that the humor of it equals that of the long-awaited announcement of a terribly aged and mean relative’s passing that simply fails to arrive: it just never comes. I maintain that the film noir in its original appeal does not have bracketed self-consciousness and self-referencing. Despite the changes in production (almost always wide-screen color) and exhibition (Dolby sound), filmmaking has achieved a remarkable degree of democracy in style, and what was once considered dated always seems to return anew. The film noir, in its original fascination, still thrives in recent works.”

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–Reyshan Parker


[1] Dickos, 235